South America

Chile, Argentina & Uruguay

Jan – May 2011
4,500 km
3 months cycling

We flew to Santiago de Chile, rode over the Andes to Menoza, Argentina. We continued south roughly along Andes for over two months, crossing back into Chile from Bariloche and riding south on Grande Isla Chiloé and the Carretera Austral to Lago General Carrera. There, Chris’s arm injury forced us to abandon southward progress and take a boat north and buses to Buenos Aires. After a month of rest, physiotherapy, and urban tourism, we rode north through Uruguay and west across Central Argentina back to Santiago. 4.5 months, of which more than a month was not cycling.

For photos, see our Flickr collection.
For a narrative, see our blog.


Lonely Planet for Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, carried in pdf format on a netbook
South America, International Travel Maps, 1:4,000,000
Chile, Rough Guides, 1:1,600,000
Republica Argentina, Automovil Club Argentino (ACA), 1:4,000,000
Argentina Series Zones 4, 5, and 7 , ACA, 1:1,000,000
(The ACA maps reliably show paved versus unpaved)
Mapa Rutero de Uruguay, Petrobas, 1:1,000,000

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