Japan and South Korea

5,000 km , 3.5 months
Starting from the south: Mid to late March; from the North: Late July.

Blue pins: UNESCO World Heritage sites. Red pin: Mt Fuji

We think a visit to all Japan’s and Korea’s UNESCO world heritage sites, climbing Mt Fuji, and cycling the length of Japan would provide an overview of these two countries. It would take about 3 1/2 months and require about 5000km of cycling.

Cycling from the south:

  • Nanjo Island, 133 km
  • Boat trip to Kagoshima
  • Kagoshima to Fukuoka, 464 km
  • Boat to Busan, Korea
  • Cycle around Korea, ~1000 km
  • Boat to Fukuoka, Japan
  • Cycle Fukuoka to top of Japan, 3429 km
  • Boat or Train to Sapporo
  • Train to Tokyo
  • Climb Mt Fuji

Seoul, Korea is not warm enough until mid March. Southern Japan ( Kagoshima north to Osaka ) has a monsoon after mid June , Apr/May best. Mt Fuji’s official climbing season is July and August. So tentatively propose starting about April 10th from the south:

  • Fly into Nanjo March 10
  • Kagoshima March 15
  • Fukuoka March 24
  • Busan 4 weeks in South Korea
  • Fukuoka April 23
  • Northern tip of Japan June 13th
  • Tokyo (by train) June 15th
  • Climb Mt Fuji June 17th (just outside the official season)
  • Home June 21st

Maybe starting 2 weeks later and climbing Mt Fuji in the official season would be a better option.

Cycling from the North:

The north is warm enough June to September. Climbing season for Mt Fuji ends August 31st. The schedule would be:

  • Fly into Sapporo July 20th
  • Train to Northern point of Japan
  • Cycle to Tokyo (2100km … 5 weeks)
  • Tokyo Aug 21st
  • Climb Mt Fuji Aug 25th
  • Tokyo – Fukuoka (1400km … 3.5 weeks)
  • Fukuoka Sept 18th
  • Busan 4 weeks in South Korea
  • Fukuoka Oct 18th
  • Kagoshima Oct 27th
  • Home from  Nanjo Nov 3rd

Visa’s are not a problem because  Japanese tourist visas are not required for stays of less than 90 days (six months for UK citizens). Korea also does not require visas.

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