Bangkok to Melbourne, via East Timor

10,000km, 7 months.

It is now possible to go through the border between East Timor and Indonesia making this trip possible. It will, however, require a visa extension as  Indonesia only grants visas for 60 days to Canadians. Visa extensions are for 30 days. With 4400 km to do in Indonesia 90 days should be more than adequate.

The Route

This can be considered in two legs:

    1. East Timor to Bangkok:  5795km 4 months
      • East Timor 208 km
      • Indonesia Border to Denpasar ~1000 km
      • Denpasar to Belawan 3418 km
      • Malaysia to Bangkok 1169 km
      • The weather constraint for this leg is that the Malaysian peninsula should be done in Jan-Feb to avoid monsoons.
    2. Melbourne to Darwin 4096km 2.5 months
      The weather constraint is that crossing from Adelaide to Darwin is best done in the winter:  May to September. The prevailing wind, a modest 10kmh, is from the SE.

Optimum Route and Timing

It is probably best to start in Bangkok, Feb 1st, cycle to East Timor. Then fly to Melbourne (Jun 1st) and cycle to Darwin (going this way is best because the wind in the desert would be generally with us). Fly home from Darwin (Aug 15th).

2 responses to “Bangkok to Melbourne, via East Timor

  1. Why not do “the loop” why you are in Australia or at least across to Perth. Ride the Nullabour! And come visit.

    We are not half as brave as you but we enjoy cycle touring….

    Nicole & Richard.

  2. Hi Nicole & Richard,

    Good to hear you’re enjoying cycle touring too! Brittany looks very pretty, and the food sounds wonderful. The grand food finale of our 2009 trip was Alsace in late fall with foie gras and Beaujolais Nouveau. Yum!

    How did you find our site? …We just moved our stuff from blogspot to wordpress, and it seems more people find it.

    We feel we’re getting on, so the Trans-Asia trip and Pamirs will not likely be repeated ….but much is still possible. We’re probably off to Japan in March.

    Margo & Chris

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