Eastern Europe

Vienna to the Black Sea

Sep-Oct 2007
1,500 km
3 weeks

In September and October 2007, between two of Chris’s meetings in Geneva, we cycled from Vienna to the Black Sea. From Geneva, we travelled by train to Vienna. We pedalled across Southwestern Hungary. After crossing into Croatia, we more or less followed the Danube River through Serbia, a corner of Bulgaria, and on to Romania. We travelled on the Serbian side of the river through the Iron Gate, where the Danube cuts a gorge through the Carpathians. We hopped by bus to bypass a busy segment of road from Novi Sad to Belgrade, and hopped again by train from Carabia to Galati, so as to escape an area still grim in Ceausescu’s wake, and have time to visit the Danube Delta before our return to Geneva. We returned to Geneva by train from Constanta, which took two days and a night. We had pedalled 1,524 km.

See our Flickr collection and read our blog. This was our first blog, and it was an interesting experience to write while on the road.



Eastern Europe, Lonely Planet


Hungary, Freytag & Berndt, 1:400,000
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia etc, Michelin 736, 1:100,000
Romania, Moldova,Freytag & Berndt, 1:400,000
Cycling Around Hungary, Frigoria, 1:250,000
Donau Radweg (Danube series) 1:100,000 Huber Cartography, Munich.
Harta Turistica Delta Dunarii (Danube Delta), Gipo


Eastern Europe , Lonely Planet phrasebooks, 11 languages.


Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History, Robert Kaplan

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