Cuba Accomodation 2006

As no accommodation guide is available for Cuba, we list here the accommodation we used to help others find places to stay.


Jan 1
Havana. Apartment.

Jan 2
Bahia Hondia. Casa. NOT RECOMMENDED
Villa Vivi Pandiello, Calle 32 No. 1920 e/19y21, (Frente a la Casa de Cultura), Bahía Honda, Pinar del Rio, T:668200 CP:22600

The only one in town. Not recommended. Grumpy lady and not great food.

Jan 3
Santa Lucia. Casa which has had licensing problems.
Casa de Mary, Luis Enrique Sanchez-Arce, Santa Lucia,,,

21 year old son, Luis Enrique, is studying computer engineering in Habana. The other son (car ponchera) and his wife had a lovely easy-going one month old baby. Licensing problems and took a risk on our behalf. Lobster dinner and great coffee.

Jan 4-5
Viñales. Hotel Horizontes la Ermita
Horizontes La Ermita, Viñales, Pinar del Rio

OK. Nice pool and view.

Jan 6
Guane. Campismo.
Outside Guane. Occupied by electrical workers. Paid $10 to slip in.

You take what you get.

Jan 7
Piñar del Rio. Casa. RECOMMENDED
Febelio Robaina and Mayra, Calle Colon No. 46 e/ Mariana Grajales y Juan Gualberto Gomez,
Pinar del Rio, T:5382 77 8050,

Sr. is retired medical faculty, Sra. Is senior in a pharmaceutical lab. 16 year old son going out to meet GF, smelling of perfume. Excellent food with yummy smoked pork and chocolate ice cream topped with honey. Large private room is up on top floor with single and double beds, fridge and roof terrace. Lovely couple/family.

Jan 8
To San Diego de los Baños. Casa.
Like a small motel, with other cyclists and older Cubans who’ve come to take the water cure. Older men playing dominos. Sra does not want Sr Julio’s friends shouting in the courtyard! Met Pedro the cycling guide.

Jan 9
Soroa. Hotel.
Quiet cabins near pool. Attempt at ecotourism. British tour groups. Wonderful folk quintet!

Jan 10
Viazul Bus.
Overnight run from Habana to Santiago de Cuba. Cockroach in bathroom. Creepy movies.

Jan 11
Sra. Vivian Bozan, Crombet No.215 altos, e/Roberto Reyes y C. Galano, Baracoa, Guantánamo, T:4 2336

Casa de Vivian. Not recommended. Grumpy lady and bad food.

Jan 12
Rio Yacobo. Campisomo.
Pretty decent.

Jan 13
Guantánamo. Casa.
Casa Elyse

Pretty decent.

Jan 14
A few km. past Palmar Soriano. Bivouac.
Nasty lady at Hotel Mirador past Palmar Sur. Was she angling for a bribe? Large grasshoppers and nibbling mice in the grass. Not recommended. Glad we had power bars.

Jan 15
Bayomo. Hotel.
We eat out at peso restaurant. Music playing loudly in the park. German tour group at breakfast.

Jan 16
Las Tunas. Casa. RECOMMENDED
Doña Nelly Tamayo Vega y Erasmo Borego Torres, Lucas Ortiz No.111 e/ Gen. de Quezada y Col. Fonseca, Las Tunas, T:4 2526

Nelly and her extended family look after you well. Rocking chairs everywhere and lots of cafecitos. Grandson got gas to clean chains and took us to agro mercado. Percussionist cousins in Miami. Nelly didn’t mind her courtyard used for bike maintenance, was interested and chatty and organized the next few casas. Grand daughter’s small pure bred puppy is enfermecito. Don’t eat your chicken with your fingers here; Nelly will scold you …gently.

Jan 17
Camagüay. Casa.
Sra. Dalgis Fernandez Hernandez, Independencia No. 25 altos, e/ Hermanos Agüero y General Gomez, Camagüay, T:53 32 28 5732

Aggressive crazy jinitero. Chris broke a plant pot while moving bike. Jineteras at the bar. French family with 4 year old twins. Up steep stairs to lovely colonial house. Good shower.

Jan 18
Ciego de Avila. Casa.
Wilma Albizo Bermudez, Calle Maceo No. 217 e/ Bembeto y E. Marmol, Ciego de Avila, T:23556

Nice un-touristy town. Casa on a quiet side street.

Jan 19
Sancti Spiritus. Casa.
Martha Rodriguez Martinez, Calle Placido No.69, e/ Calderon y Tirso Marin, Sancti Spiritus T:23556 Codigo 031

Apartment on the roof. Food served on terrace. Italians in the other room. Very spoiled dachshund.

Jan 20-21
Trinidad. Casa.
Carmen Colina y Omar Rosqueta Fernandez (Gracia), Calle Francisco Cadatia No.227, e/ Colón y Lino Perez, T:53 419 2298 (Cereca del Bar Daiquiri)

Sr. Omar was an animal breeding specialist before retirement, and is very knowledgeable about cattle breeding and improvement in Cuba. Carmen is kind, and the extended family interesting and prepared to chat. Lots of cafecitos.

Jan 22
Cienfuegos. Casa.
Sra. Maria Nuñez Suarez, Avenida 58 No. 3705 altos, e/ 37 y 39, Cienfuegos, T:51867

Jan 23-24
Playa Girón. Casa.
La Casa de Roberto y Victoria, Play Girón.

Jan 25
Jaguey Grande. Casa. RECOMMENDED
Violeta Pita Gracia y Crescencio Rodriguez, Calle 58 No. 1718 e/17 y 19, T:912690

Separate room and eating area are above the family’s area. Food is great. Location is a quiet side street in a town that is refreshingly quiet and un-touristy. A good stop between Playa Giron and Matanzas. Violeta grows her own herbs in the courtyard, and lost an avocado tree to a recent hurricane.

Jan 26
Matanzas. Casa. RECOMMENDED
Sr. Isidra Malcón y Sra. Noelia Suárez, Callle Manzano (77) No. 28266 e/Ayuntamiento(282) y Jovellanos (288), Cuidad se Matanzas, Matanzas CP:40100, T:247477

Nela gives kindly personal attention and is a wonderful cook. She knows her Cuban history and will fill you in on any gaps you may have. She encouraged us to watch a historical TV channel. She is old enough to remember the Batista days and the terror they created in Matanzas. Isidra is a kindly gentleman. The room is small, off an inner courtyard. Delicious pork in salsa.

Jan 27-29
Havana. Apartment.

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