The Length of the Island

Jan 2006
1,800 km
1 Month

This was our first cycle-tour in more than 20 years, our first overseas tour, and we’d recently bought our first new bikes in decades. We pedalled westward from Havana through Pinar del Rio province, then took a bus to Baracoa in the southeast. From Baracoa, we crossed the Sierra Maestra over the pass called La Farola to the dry and windy south coast. We worked our way back to Havana across the plains and through central Cuba.

For images, see our Flickr collection. For a description, see 10 Questions on Travelling Two, and Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Cuba on Worldbiking. For accommodation ideas, see a list of Casas we used. Note: There was no official list of casas available in 2006.



Cuba, Lonely Planet
Bicycling Cuba, Wally and Barbara Smith


Guía de Carreteras, una publicación especial del directorio turistico de Cuba
A road atlas in booklet format with table of distances useful for planning. (Click here for scan of 2000 version.) We ordered a copy online before our trip. It was also available for purchase in Cuba.

Cuba, International Travel Maps, 1:650,000 (Available in Canada. Has many inaccuracies.)

Web sites

Bicycling Cuba site by authors of guidebook with recommended accommodation.
Award-winning site for Spanish practice 


Mi Moto Fidel, by Christopher Baker
(But I do not like this author much.)

2 responses to “Cuba

  1. Wow I’m empresses. We have back local and a bit in France. I have so many places I want to bike but worry the clock will run out by the time I have the freedom to ride! Encouraging to hear of over 50s who travel tour with their own gear. We’ve heard of people touring in that age group but most are on tours. We are on Warm Showers too- and have had many European visitors. Look us up if you want to go on a Kootenay tour- amazing biking! Sharon and Pierre Peron

    • Hi Sharon and Pierre, thank you for the kind words. We see you are near Grand Forks. A beautiful area! in 2006 we rode from Castlegar back to Vancouver, partly on the KVR. We wonder if you had globe-circling Matthieu stay with you, perhaps about a month ago? He stayed with us when he arrived in Vancouver at the end of May.
      If you come to Vancouver, please feel free to get in touch so perhaps we can meet …..if we are here.
      Margo and Chris

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