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6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. You have done amazing trips. A bientot.
    Jean Jacques

  2. John and Sue Gloag

    Hi Chris and Margo, as usual we are amazed at your wonderful journey. We are on the Sunshine Coast now and are off on a boat trip to Gulf Islands on Tues. the latest news on Alma is that the Edmisons house sold yesterday after a year on the market. We are sitting on fence again with subdividing our lot after a visit with Maggie and her two children…they loved the backyard and it was nice to have an older house that we didn’t have to worry about them destroying. When are you coming home?? We are off to Cotswolds for a walking tour Sept 7th and then to Portugal….a tame trip in in comparison. Take care, have fun and see you sometime on Alma!
    Sue and John

  3. Hi, Nice to find your blog. We too are older cycle nuts. Have toured a few places. Love Cuba!… We are off to Crete in October for a few weeks and wonder on hiring bikes? bringing bikes? how about those climbs? easy to camp?…Any info you can give me would be great…. thanx and hope to hear from you soon, unless you are out riding of course!….great blog and great pictures….oh yeah, do you know if you can take bikes on the public buses there? Thanx again….cheers! tracy

    • Hi Tracy,
      October would be an excellent time to go to Crete for either cycling, or for hiking rocky ridges and canyons.

      We saw that bikes were available for rent in Heraklion from a company that would also transport them on a trailer to the Lasithi Plateau for tourists were to do shorter day jaunts. We have no idea what quality of bikes these were. We did see serious cyclists on good road bikes, and there are bike shops in the largest towns, so I am sure there are options.

      We’ve always brought our own bikes, because we do longer trips and we know the bikes fit us well. We’ve taken them on over 15 flights with no problems beyond one minor scratch. Cost and difficulty depend on which airline you use. Air Canada charges a reasonable $50 for me, but Chris’s bike travels free since he has special status with Air Canada.

      As for camping, i think you can discretely wild camp quite easily. We only camped twice, because it was a colder-than-usual January. There are campgrounds in coastal areas, but I think many would be closed by October.

      As for hills, the spine of the island is pretty high, so crossing it took us to 1300 m once and 1400 m another time, with 1 m high banks of snow at the tops but most of pavement clear. Paved roads at reasonable gradients, but some coastal tracks steep enough to mean getting off to push.

      Feel free to contact us using emails given for further questions!

      Margo and Chris
      P.S. Cretan food is fantastic!

  4. Hi Margo and Chris,

    By way of introduction we met while cycling on the coast of Oregon several years ago. I discovered your blog site when looking for information on the Great Divide. Jennie and I were camped in the Cape Lookout SP the same time you folks were and we (all of the cyclists in the camp site) had a bit of a Canadian celebration as there were a bunch of us Canadians, including some wild (and fun) French Canadian fellows who arrived late in the evening loaded with bags of chips and bottles of hard liquor! It was a fun evening! I wanted to share a short (animated) slide show I put together from our trip including pictures from Cape Lookout…

    We cycled Oregon again last year (third time) doing a western loop starting in Portland, down the coast, inland and over Crater Lake, then north to Bend, and down the Willamette Valley and back to Portland. Like the other visits to the coast of Oregon it was a great trip.

    Hope this msg finds you well, keep on cycling. Lars & Jen.

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