Cancún to Costa Rica 2016-17

Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas), Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, to Costa Rican border. Hiking and Car Tour in Costa Rica.


DECEMBER 2016 – MARCH 2017
3,000 KM

We flew from Vancouver to Cancún, Mexico, and rode for a day to a resort on Cozumel to spend a week with friends. In Mexico we rode south to Tulum, west across Yucatan, south across Campeche and Chiapas. We rode south through Guatemala and El Salvador, and crossed the Gulf of Fonseca by boat to Nicaragua, then south to the Costa Rican border with side trip to the island of Omotepe. From the border, we took a bus to San Jose.

Rather than continuing to struggle with the heat, and because Costa Rican roads are busy and narrow, we switched to hiking from a rented car for the last portion of the trip. We flew home to Vancouver from San Jose.

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