About Us

We said we’d travel,  just the two of us, when our kids were grown. We’d always been self-propelled outdoors types, so we launched ourselves back into bike touring with a trip to Cuba in 2006.

We find that cycling through a country allows us to move at the speed we choose and to meet local people, and we love experiencing the places in between tourist centres that are not often visited.

As you can see from the blog, we also try to keep active with activities such as hiking, skiing, and kayaking. However, cycling has become our main method of exploring the globe, and we feel that extended independent bike tours are within the reach of most healthy and active folk in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

We share opinionated preparation advice here under Practical and specifics of our journeys under Bike Trips. We find there is satisfaction in planning and researching a trip, and find the Web is the ultimate  resource for travellers who choose to avoid packaged tours.

Don’t let grey hairs slow you down; embrace retirement and explore the world by bike!

50 countries, 48,000 km travelled by bike since 2006

3 responses to “About Us

  1. Great Site…thanks for the seatposts…..I am enjoying the site! Thanks for the info for Larry and I … Hope to meet someday on the road..Rod Lewis

  2. Margo and Chris…you’ve rekindled my flame. For years I paddled Arctic rivers or trekked unaided across Baffin Island with only a map and compass as my guide. Somehow the spirit of adventure in me flickered ever so quietly in the background as I experienced some serious set backs in life. I’ve decided I’m back and going to make it happen. Cycle touring is not something I’ve done much of although I have done a couple Gran Fondo rides on my road bike, and cycled the Gulf/San Juan Islands as a young twenty something year old-I turn 66 this Spring.
    Thank you for your inspiring story and this incredible guide. I’m looking forward to planning my cycle trek overland from Asia to Europe.
    Warm regards and all the best in 2016.
    Brian Luckock
    PS Is Doug Oram in White Rock a relative?

  3. Hi Brian, it’s a huge pleasure to receive comments like yours! Thank you! They make the effort we’ve put into this site wonderfully worthwhile. All the best for your overland trek. When do you plan to begin?
    No, Doug Oram isn’t a relative, but do feel free to conact us (see emails in script format on “contact us”) if you’d like to come for coffee/tea and looking at maps etc..
    Happy New Year,
    Margo and Chris

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