Coffee and Cake

Our rule is that you must have ridden at least 20 kilometres before you get coffee. In Germany, we would look for a Bäckerei, where much more than good coffee was on offer. Choosing a cake to accompany one’s coffee is challenging when attempting to follow a cholesterol-conscious diet.

In the image, you see lovely nut cake or Nusskuchen, which is not visibly full of cream and might have some redeeming qualities; tree nuts are good for you.


Although we sometimes eat lunch in cafes, we mainly have picnics. In each new country, there is a learning curve – first to finding the grocery stores and then finding our way around them. Our picnics are probably far healthier than most restaurant meals, not to mention less expensive.

We are pleased with ourselves for having traversed Germany from North to South without ever having touched pommes (French fries) or kebab. We even learned to go to the import food shops run by Kurdish immigrants to find tins of hummus and jars of tahini. Beautiful figs are in season.

Now, how will we fair as we continue our ride across France?


3 responses to “Coffee and Cake

  1. France may not go so well 😉

  2. We are currently staying with Matthias, who cooks healthy vegetarian suppers. We have succumbed to his delicious cheese offerings, though.

  3. And today we bought three Linzer tarts at the boulangerie, and invited Denise, Matthias’s 82 year old mother, for tea. She had brought us cake on our first day here. So we spent a good hour hearing her early childhood memories of Alsace during WW2 …as we ate tarts.

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