On to Frankfurt

2019/09/02 – 08: Mühlhausen to Frankfurt, trip total 2,000 km
We took four days for this ride. Often we were still travelling on Eurovelo 13, which roughly follows the now historic Iron Curtain. On the first morning, we passed an old Trabant car; these were made in the former East Germany.

I was reminded of a Soviet era joke :
Why does a Trabant have a heated rear window?
So the people pushing it don’t get cold hands.

Soviet era humour relies on stating the truth. Until now, I had missed the full impact of the joke. I took this photograph because I had never before realized they do indeed have heated rear windows.

Much of the cycling was on old rail beds, and as we got closer to Frankfurt the surface was more often tarmacked and cycling was fast.

We followed several river valleys and passed over ridges between them that are relatively high (over 500m) for this part of Germany. We went through many pretty villages, although we missed several because the rail bed bypassed them.

We also went by industrial towns, and a whole area with huge (200m ?) tailing mounds from salt production.

We arrived in Frankfurt in a rain storm, passing by the impressive European Central Bank building, before getting to the Main River.

We were amazed by these unusual looking geese on the river. We’ve found they are feral Egyptian Geese (Alopochen aegyptiaca) native to Africa.


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