The Latest Plan

2017/02/20-23: Reorganization in San Jose
There may have been reasons beyond our grey hairs for the Costa Rican immigration officer to raise his eyebrows at our initial plan. We now understand that cycling is prohibited on any road in the country that allows speeds over 80 kmh. Although fully loaded long distance cyclists often get away with cycling on the highways, drivers are not expecting cyclists and the roads have very little shoulder. Getting on a bus from the border to the capital made more sense than we realized at the time, and it’s not going to be easy to get around legally, safely, or enjoyably on a bicycle.

After some consideration, we’ve decided to rent a car and explore Costa Rica by hiking, birdwatching, and snorkelling for about two weeks. We are crossing fingers that our bikes, front wheels removed, will fit into the back of the vehicle. We may even use them, unloaded, to get ourselves up any suitable mountain track we may find.

Chris’s dream was to reach his cousin’s in Brazil. Though the trip length was open-ended, I was never sure I wanted to be away that long and he agreed he’d be (reasonably) content to return to Vancouver from San Jose, having covered most of Central America. Getting home from here is relatively easy as there’s an Air Canada flight, and Chris’s “million miler” status usually helps things go smoothly. Our plan is to do this in mid-March.

One obvious reason for the plan change is our continued struggle with the heat, which would likely worsen through Panama.  We’re still planning an adventure with friends Suzanne and TT, who might have joined us in Colombia in April. We look forward to their company as we walk the Via Algarviana together instead. Although quite a different plan, it is currently a better fit all around.


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