Off Again

After a summer of sunshine in Vancouver, with many visitors we are off on a cycling trip again. We are hopeful that a low reading of vitamin B12 accounted for Margo lacking energy, so we have decided to risk it and take off before the fall rain descends.

The summer was full of guest visits, with the most notable being our Jersey Island almost-relatives. They wrote a blog, so you can read what it is like to visit the Chris and Margo boot camp. Their stay was a gastronomic delight as Luke is a first class vegetarian chef as can be seen by the blog.


Google Maps proposed route, 2345km
with 16,427 m total ascent and 17,027 m descent

So tomorrow we fly to Whitehorse, Yukon, and plan to ride home via Vancouver Island. It will actually be the most remote ride we have ever done, and it is through bear country. Reading other cyclists’ blogs, we know the stretch on highway 37 from the Yukon border to Prince Rupert is best done camping (illegally) in rest areas, where the bear proof garbage bins can be used to store your food over night. The maximum distance between grocery stores is Dease Lake to Kitwanga at 405 km… so we are carrying much more food than normally. Bear spray and bangers will be purchased in Whitehorse, since we are not permitted to take these on the flight.


Rest Area with picnic tables and bear proof garbage can, on highway 37. Looks like a great place to camp!


6 responses to “Off Again

  1. Take care and have fun. See you back on Alma in the fall.
    Sue and John

  2. Have a good and safe trip.
    Jim MacTaggart.

  3. Have fun. It sounds great. Make sure the route includes some rocky coastline as shellfish is good for b12 – i believe!


  4. Thanks for the compliments and Bon voyage! Look forward to reading all about it.

  5. I wish you a good weather and lots of tailwinds!

  6. Have fun on your trip! Also, nice new look of the blog. Looking forward to hear more about your ride.

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