North by Northwest

A New Experience

Upon hearing tales of a bike tour on CBC’s weekend morning radio show, a friend of ours posted the link to our blog on the North by Northwest Facebook page .

She warned us she had done so only after the fact, and her action resulted in the show’s host, Sheryl Mackay, inviting us downtown to the studio to be interviewed about our travels. Already familiar with Sheryl’s calm and  friendly voice, we agreed. A version of the interview was aired on Saturday, June 20th. A longer version of the interview can be heard on the show’s podcast. (Note: We start at about 25 minutes and run to about 48 minutes.) A slightly different version of the interview was also aired on Boxing Day of 2015. A staff writer also produced an online article.

This was a new experience for us. Sitting in front of huge microphones – with Sheryl on the other side of a glass panel – felt really strange, especially once we knew we were being recorded. Thank heavens for editing!! I remember offering far more detail than most listeners would ever want to hear about the ghastly night of altitude sickness in the Andes.

If there’s ever a next time, we’ll be pros.


2 responses to “North by Northwest

  1. It was good for you 😉

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