Rondane – Norway’s First National Park

2015/03/08-14: Ski Touring in Rondane with a DNT Tour

This one week ski trip was in the “sweet spot” of Norwegian weather: not too close to the ocean to have wet snow or high winds, but not so far from the coast as to have insufficient snow. The Rondane terrain is rolling countryside with mountain views. Because of its ideal location, and fabulous cross-country skiing terrain, the area has many full service cabins; essentially mountain hotels. Five of our six nights were in these hotels all of which featured excellent chefs, so it was a luxury experience. Our one night in a self service hut reminded me that you interact more easily with fellow skiers when chores have to be done together. So luxury had its downside.

Skiing into Rondvassbu. The peak we were hoping to climb but icy snow conditions did not allow.

The only disappointment for me on this trip was the conditions did not allow us to do a climb of Rondane’s highest peak on our one “non-travelling day”. We had good weather and reasonable snow conditions, especially after a snow storm on our second night.

View from our breakfast table second to last morning

Chris and Margo skiing at Rondane. Anybody want to join us next year?

Chris and Margo skiing at Rondane. Anybody want to join us for an independent tour next year?
(Photo courtesy of Pavel)


5 responses to “Rondane – Norway’s First National Park

  1. Wow! That’s about it, just wow.

    Neighbour across the Alley

  2. You two are amazing just listened to you on CBC this morning great stories thanks! Safe travel Sharron

  3. hi, just picking up your article now. Very helpful as me and childhood friend are planning self-guided week long Norway hut-to-hut trip for next year. I have been targeting Rondane as I have hiked there and Jounteheim hut to hut before but long ago. can you give us any further advice/specifics on the Rondane trip you did as information is somewhat scant. Thanks!

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