Organizing Trip Photos

We hadn’t done much sorting of photos as we went along, but we’ve done some catching up over our recent hiatus from cycling. On Flickr, we’ve started to assemble a collection of albums for our current bike trip. The edited albums it contains so far give you a glimpse of our trip to date.

England takes us from our sleepless Heathrow departure to Weymouth on the south coast.

Channel Islands includes Guernsey and Jersey

France NW follows us from St. Malo to Bordeaux

Canal du Midi begins with our departure from Bordeaux and ends at the final three way lock on the canal.

France South includes the Canal du Rhone a Sete, Arles, Gorges de Verdon, and what turned out to be a side jaunt to Corsica.

Italy covers our ride across Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche to Ancona

Central Greece takes us across the mainland from Igoumenitsa on the Ionian Coast to Athens on the Aegean.

Aegean Islands includes Syros and Lesvos. (This album may not yet be in the collection.)

Istanbul covers a chilly week of sightseeing and fending off carpet sellers.

Happy New Year!

C & M

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