2014/09/21-23: Resting for two days in Weymouth.


Before leaving for the continent fresh supplies were obtained for the Englishman.

Before leaving for the continent,  supplies were obtained for the Englishman.




2 responses to “Weymouth

  1. Chris, fear not. You are not the only english person to have such nostalgia about Branston. My sister (only in Paris) craves it and has passed on the enthusiasm to her children – who used to empty granny’s cupboards of the stuff on one short w/end visit!!
    I hope you are having fun down on the south coast. I have done some fun trips there – walking and camping – in the past 30 years!!.
    BTW Andrew says the bird featured in your posts about the kayak trip is a greater yellowlegs Trinca melanoleuca



    • Thank you to Andrew for the ID. I looked at the range etc.. (not that I doubted him!) and everything fits in. We are about the cycle across the Camargue in few days? Do any twitchers want to come and join us for another excellent “gossip while our feet go round”?

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