Hamburg Again

2013/09/10-11: Resting, bike maintenance
Since Frederikshaven, we’d ridden 720 km in eight days, much on upaved surfaces, with no rest days. It was easy to sleep till mid-morning the next day. After rising slowly, we made our way downtown to meet Carsten for lunch, then on to the shop called Dr. Gotze which specializes in maps and travel guides. There we sorted out navigation for the next stretch.

Carsten cleaning bikes while Chris supervises

We walked back to Carsten’s, buying groceries for an at-home meal along the way. I dealt with roast chicken while Chris and (mostly) Carsten did the first round of bike cleaning. Carsten leapt to the task of bike maintenance with his complete array of tools and his customary teutonic efficency. The next morning, Chris and I finished cleaning and lubing chains, and installed new brake pads.

We rode downtown in the afternoon to meet Carsten, and to document the ancient and now rare elevator in his Finanzbehörde building. I have a vague memory of having seen something like this as a child. ( It was in a parking garage, and for use only by employees.) Apparently a special by-law dispensation was obtained so as to continue using this antique elevator known as a paternoster.

Urban bike tour, stops in Botanical Garden

A city bike tour led by Carsten followed, and the evening ended with an excellent Thai dinner.


One response to “Hamburg Again

  1. Not sure which is scarier, using that elevator or being guided to shelter under a tree by a particle physicist in a lightening storm…?

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