Planning the End Game

Orienteering letter box in Oslo

While in Oslo, we have been planning our next steps. We have a plane ticket from Paris to Vancouver on October 7th. We want to be in Paris by October 2nd so we can enjoy Paris and pack our bikes in a relaxed manner.

The decision is to follow Eurovelo 3, a bike route called the Pilgrims’ Route. This route goes from Trondheim to Santiago de Compostela. The route follows traces of old roads used for pilgrimages in the Middle Ages. We will follow it from Frederikshavn, Denmark to Paris, a 1300 km segment. We will, however, not be a slave to following the route exactly, but will use it as a guide only. We find in nearly any route in Europe enough of interest to have a diverse set of stops every day.

As we have 31 days to complete this section, so it should be a relaxed ride with time for doing some side trips. We will probably be joined in Namur, Belgium by an English friend. We hope the westerly winds common in this part of Europe will not be too strong.


2 responses to “Planning the End Game

  1. Hi Chris and Margo

    We can see that you will soon enter Denmark. This September is supposed to be the hottest in many years, so enjoy. From your description you are crossing Jutland via the oxen road, but if you plan to go to Zealand, you are welcome in our garden.
    Here is a link for free camp sites in the forests: (only in Danish). Choose the green box “vælg oplevelser” and then “overnatning”. The last option “frie teltningsområder” are free of charge. The others might have a small fee.
    You can always find drinking water on cemeteries and often a toilet as well.

    Enjoy your ride in Denmark
    Anders and Monica

    • Hi Anders and Monica,

      Thank you for the message and for the useful camp site link. We have used these sites for all but one night (a hostel) in Denmark. They are marked on our cycling route map, but are still tricky to find. Just what a cyclist needs, though.

      You are correct: We rode south across Jutland. We would have loved to see more of Denmark, but are pushing to arrive in Hamburg to see a friend who has time constraints. Beautiful landscapes and lots of history here!

      Margo and Chris

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