Kristian and Ingrid Arrive

2013/08/02-03: In Honningsvåg
The planned rendez vous is happening. Kristian arrived last night. Ingrid, having missed a connection last night, is due to arrive today. Tonight they’ll ride to Nordkapp to see the midnight sun. Tomorrow, we set off to the Lofoten Peninsula. For those of you (like me until recently) who do not know where that is, I have marked it with a yellow pin on the map at the right.

Kristian and Ingrid blog at, so you can read about this stage of our trip on two blogs.

For this part of the trip we will be mainly camping, with Margo and Kristian catching fish from the sea, so we will be more self-sufficient than usual. Kristian started on this new self-sufficient style this morning by kindly catching us some pollock for supper. Along our way we should get mackerel and even salmon. No license is required for salt water angling from shore in Norway. This camping style will mean internet connections will be less frequent, so we will probably blog using our cell phone.

Kristian’s Plane

Bike Assembly

Leaving Airport
(He is a bad lad who does not wear a helmet when touring)

Kristian’s tent site just 100m from youth hostel

Reindeer near where Kristian was fishing this morning

This stage of the trip looks rather long on the map, because Google Maps use the Mercator projection which exaggerates distances as you go north. If you want to see the effect of this, just zoom out and compare the size of Spain and Norway. Spain is about 1.5 times bigger than Norway, but in this projection Norway looks bigger. Our actual trip is about 1000 km for this leg.


We have used our time here editing more Flickr sets for the trip to date. See NE Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Tallinn. We also have a collection for this trip.

2 responses to “Kristian and Ingrid Arrive

  1. Chris: Mercator projection, redshift, midnight sun or just hallucination – 1000km is a long way…. (6km to work is more than enough!)

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