Bike Friendly Oulu

2013/06/30: 13 km in Oulu
2013/07/01: 18 km in Oulu
We spent two rest days that the old bodies craved in this wonderfully bike friendly city. Our “summer hotel” was on one of the islands that are connected to the city centre by bike paths. The hotel, like our Finnish hostels so far, was a adult student residence converted for summer tourist use. It was a step up from hostels, though, because –in addition to sauna and pool that hostels here often have– it included a fine buffet breakfast into which  we made good inroads.

The weather was utterly foul, with torrential rain lashing down much of the time. We hunkered down and caught up with accounting and communication, using the town’s municipal WiFi. A short outing for errands each day gave us glimpses of superb bike infrastructure and the biggest bike shop we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Chris in the rain. The day before was a sunny weekend day, and there was a bike traffic jam here.

Here we bought Chris a new bike computer. For over 40,000 km of travel, Chris has left his on his bike in all types of situations: parked outside our tent in Central Asia, under hotel staircases in Azerbaijan, in front of historic sites in Turkey.  It is his test of the world’s honesty: It would be easy to steal but it never disappeared. He took it off in Savonlinna, however, and put in his pocket where it met a sad end in the washing machine.


2 responses to “Bike Friendly Oulu

  1. Quite fascinating story about the fate of your bike computer!

  2. Bike candy store! Sad about the computer, but I’ll bet you enjoyed buying something in Oulu (where incidentally, I have a friend – but was unaware it was bike heaven)

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