Healing Slowly

Some may be wondering why we haven’t done much “wandering” lately. We cancelled our planned bike trip to Japan and Korea due to a bike accident I had  a week before the UBC triathlon. A final training run ended badly.

I was working enthusiastically on my aero position, pedalling hard on a slight downhill. With my tires at an unaccustomed high pressure, I hit a small rock and the jolt dislodged my right hand from  the drop portion of the bars. The last thing I remember was knowing I was hurtling toward the shoulder of Marine Drive at 35 kmh, and knowing it was going to hurt like hell when I landed. I don’t remember landing, however –probably not a bad thing. My next recollection was of finding myself lying face down in the gravel some time later, as firemen and ambulance attendants tried to determine whether or not my neck was broken.

I was conveniently close to UBC Hospital’s urgent care facility, strikingly easier in terms of ambulance transport than if I’d done this on the Pamir Highway or the Carretera Austral.

Collar bone 6 weeks after break. Note new bone forming over comminuted (lots of bits) fracture with quite a bit of displacement.

The result is that I have broken my collar bone and had a concussion.  The effects of the latter followed me for at least two months. As for the fracture, recovering range of motion of strength have been very hard work,  a process which will continue for some time yet. I look forward to cycling in the great outdoors  in another week or so. I’ve  ridden for a  few bloody boring minutes on an indoor trainer, but that hardly counts. Near future “wanderings” will be planned depending on the outcome of the first few real rides.


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