Season Finale

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011/10/14:  Panorama Ridge in the Snow

Reaching the top

With winter coming, Masa leaving to walk across Australia, and Kathrin off to New Zealand for her southern summer, this was likely our last hike for the year. And what a hike! The snow had come in buckets last week, the sun was out, and the world was beautiful!We hiked up from the Rubble Creek parking lot to Taylor Meadows, where we first had snow under our feet. The snow depth increased with elevation to perhaps 2m at the 2109m peak of Panorama Ridge. Climbing the ridge was difficult as we sunk up to our knees in the soft snow. We returned via Garibaldi Lake. The 31.8 km  trip took us 10hrs. Masa and I took 340 photographs. A selection of our photos are on the Flickr set here. To see our route (including drive back to Squamish) on Google Earth click here. Blog by Masa in Japanese is here.

On the Ridge. Final Destination is the Peak Top Left

Final Hike to the Peak

Masa on the Ridge
View from the windy Top

Masa at the top


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