“We knocked the bastard off!”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning View from Near Aloutte Lake

Morning View from Near Aloutte Lake

This is what Sir Edmund Hillary said when he returned to camp with Tenzing Norgay after they were the first to reach the summit of Everest in 1953.

Since the late 70’s when I climbed Blanshard’s Needle, I have looked up the valley and thought I must climb the adjacent Golden Ears Mountain. It is one of those peaks along with Mt. Baker and the Lions that most Vancouverites know, and -like the Lions- it has a bridge named after it. When one rain free day was forecast this week Kathrin, Margo and I planned an early start but then found ourselves waiting at the park gate for 45 minutes (Memo to self: check park opening times in future!).  The 24 km and 1500 m climb took us thirteen hours, but as expected the view from the top was fantastic. Our less than spectacular time was because our feet were still hurting from the rogaine, and Margo’s back was causing her trouble on the descent, so it took us as long to come down as to go up. The weather was sunny on the way up, but cloud came in as we neared the top, confirming that our decision not to do this as an overnight trip was a good one because rain was expected the next day. The last 45 minutes to the car required headlamps, but was along an old rail bed so trail-finding was not an issue.

More Photos on Flickr.  GPS track is available here.

(Note added later: A friend has reminded me I did climb Golden Ears in the late 1970s with him, taking about 11 hours)

Margo Crossing Snowfield


Cloud over Edge Peak

Video of view from top


Margo, Chris and Kathrin at the top.

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