Getting into Shape for the Rogaine

We have entered ourselves for the 2011 North American Rogaine Championships. Margo and Kathrin hope to defend their 2010 Women’s Super-Veteran title, and I am looking for a respectable finish in my first event with John from the USA.  For those of you who do not know what a rogaine is, here is the short explanation:

A ROGAINE IS A MAP AND COMPASS EVENT THAT RUNS OVER A 24 HOUR PERIOD. Teams of 2 to 5 people choose how long and how far they will venture to find as many of the controls marked on the map as they can.  The controls may be found in any order and teams may return to the central Hash House at any time to eat and/or sleep.

So those cycling muscles are not much use; it’s time to work on those walking and scrambling muscles! 

We have done three hikes: Mt. Unnecessary from Lions Bay, Black Mountain, and Lynn Peak, in beautiful Vancouver late summer weather. 

GPS tracks for Mt Unnecessary, Black Mountain, and Lynn Peak.


Margo & Kathrin on Lynn Peak, Mt Baker on the Skyline
The Lions from Mt Unnecessary
Hiking up Black Mountain
Kathrin at Whyte Lake

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