Early Birds

Birds of Sierra de Comechingones
These are the birds we saw outside our window, when waking up at the sun-filled conservatory of the comedor (see previous blog section: 2011/05/04: To Las Rabonas 88 km). The owners put seeds out on the wall of the veranda outside our room for the birds. I sat on the ground by the wall, and the birds seemed to accept my presence. All the pictures were taken within a five minute period, during sunrise. Only due to digital wizardry (in Picasa 3) have I made acceptable photographs, because they were all taken into the rising sun. Only the sunrise picture is untouched. The picture of the red breasted bird on the telescope has had only minimal wizardry applied.

I was struck by how different the “common bird-feeder” crowd was to the crowd you would see at a feeder in Canada or Northern Europe.


long-tailed meadowlark on telescope

Male long-tailed meadowlark

Female long-tailed meadowlark

Male long-tailed meadowlark

Juvenile long-tailed meadowlark

My favourite and he was very shy


Any takers on identification?


3 responses to “Early Birds

  1. Red 'un is a long-tailed meadowlark.
    The rest are not 😉
    As for your 12-legged thing from StarTrek, all bets are off.

  2. I don't think it's a 12-legged thing, but rather two 6-legged things attempting to procreate. The thing I suspect is male, is on top and a lot smaller than the other one. Or perhaps it is a juvenile riding on it's mother's back ….but I don't think so.

    Still don't know what they are, though. We saw several. “Something startrekensis” isn't a bad start for a name.

  3. I think bird 3 is a female long-tailed meadowlark and bird 4 is a juvenile long-tailed meadowlark. The snake reference website, also has birds.

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