In Praise of the In-Toilet Bidet

Margo writes:
This post may be “too much information” for some readers, but Chris is very practical, and likes to analyze all that we see. Before reading on, remember that you have been warned!


Almost the standard toilet we all know and love (well at least use) but it has an extra swing-arm contraption at rear left.

In countries where the sewage system is such that NO toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet the bidet offers a pleasant option, at least relative to the usual option of storing dirty toilet paper in a bin in the bathroom. The in-toilet bidet shown below, for those wondering what it is, has the economy of saving space in the bathroom along with the advantage of not having to transfer oneself from the toilet to the bidet while (how shall we say it?) in a delicate condition.C.

Squirting swing-arm deployed to centre position to create bidet within toilet. Shown here with water turned on to help you imagine bum cleaning action. By the way - the water is cold! The toilet paper used subsequently should be clean, and should be deposited in the bin provided.

One response to “In Praise of the In-Toilet Bidet

  1. That cold water could be quite a shocker. My sister says that they are also useful for cleaning feet, especially between the toes – I can pass no judgement on either use! (Like Chris, I find these explanations most interesting – equally good as learning about “Barfy”).

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