Roadside Shrines in Argentina

Every country has its distinctive roadside artifacts. It was water fountains in Turkey, and bizarre bus shelters in Kazakhstan. In Argentina it is roadside shrines to “folk saints”. Offerings are mainly made by truck drivers who want to be kept safe. There are many shrines, but two folk saints are prominent : Gauchito Gil, often decorated with red flags, and Difunta Correa, with piles of water bottles and baby paraphernalia as offerings.


A Gauchito Gil roadside shrine. The Catholic Church hasn't declared "Gauchito" Gil a saint, but many Argentine people are promoting him.


Shrine to Difunta Correa, who died in the desert. Her body was found days later by gauchos that were driving cattle through, and to their astonishment found the baby still alive, feeding from the deceased woman's "miraculously" ever-full breast. Note the many water bottles behind the shrine. Some shrines look more like bottle garbage dumps than shrines.


Detail of contents of shine, showing a model of Difunta Correa (with baby soother bottom left).


A typical shrine to Difunta Correa, from afar these can look more like bottle garbage dumps than shrines.


One response to “Roadside Shrines in Argentina

  1. So glad you are both on the road again… really enjoy reading your narative and doing my sight-seeing through you images. Great Stuff??

    Best wishes to you both… Roy L

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