Off Again

We leave very soon for South America and another extended bike trip. This won’t be as long our 2009 Trans-Asia ride, but still long enough to immerse ourselves in local cultures and in the culture of self-propelled travellers. We hear we’re likely to meet a lot more touring cyclists in South America that we did in Asia. This trip, which will probably involve only Chile and Argentina (perhaps Uruguay) , will be free of the visa headaches we faced in 2009, so we’ll be free to change plans as we go. We hope to stop more often, and to do some hiking side trips.

There is another relative simplicity to this trip in that there is only one principle language involved, and it’s a whole lot easier for me to make progress in Spanish, with it’s familar grammar,  than it was in Mandarin. I hope to become more fluent as we go along, and we may even stop for me to study in a more formal setting.

We’ll fly to Santiago, Chile, where we’ve got three nights booked at a hostel. We set out by bike to roughly follow the route currently shown on the Google map to the right of this blog.

We’ve essentially finished packing. Our bikes are in the boxes we got in Eugene at the end of our late summer ride south. We each have a duffle bag ready to go as checked baggage, and will use our new Drycomp Summit Sacks as carry on.


These “Summit Sacks” are little more than simple roll-top dry bags with minimalist shoulder straps and no waist belt. They replace the kayak dry sacks we used to carry the tent (Chris) and Thermarests (Margo) on top of our rear racks in 2009. We hope they’ll make occasional side trips for day hikes or multi-day hikes to huts (i.e. Torres del Paine) possible.

We love to travel, and plan to a fair bit of it now that Chris is retired. We all need roots, however. Just prior to leaving, we inoculated some oak logs with mushroom spawn. So, while we’re travelling, we’ll know that roots (mycelia to be correct) are growing at home, and that we may be able to harvest the fruits of our labours in the fall when we hope to have succeeded in producing our first shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

Ahora vamos en Sur America!


3 responses to “Off Again

  1. Chris, remember, when you are in Argentina, to follow the advice of Basil Fawlty and “Don't mention the war!” 😉
    Seriously, best of luck and “Buen camino!”

  2. Hi Margo and Chris, This is an amazing and inspiring journey. Keep it up. Good luck.
    Bill C

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