Smokey-the-Bear Hats

Hiking/Driving US National Parks 2010/10/19-11/18
It was good to get back into hiking, and the US certainly does its National Parks well. We purchased an Annual Pass for a very reasonable sum, and visited a total of 14 National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites during our trip. These were: Crater Lake NPLassen Volcanic Peak NPDeath Valley NPZion NPBryce Canyon NPPipe Spring NMGrand Canyon NPWalnut Canyon NMMontezuma Castle NMCasa Grande Ruins NMSaguaro NPSequoia & Kings Canyon NPOregon Caves NM, and Fort Vancouver NHS.
Part of the NPS Rangers’ uniform is the iconic Smokey-the-Bear hat. Every Ranger we saw looked neat and tidy, their hats always in perfect form with brims perfectly flat. If you’ve ever wondered how this is achieved, we discovered the answer only near the end of our trip.

US National Park Ranger's Hat Press

Every ranger has a vertical slot-like hat rack in his or her office. It’s built directly onto the wall, and this is where the Smokey-the-Bear hats reside when not on a ranger’s head. It also acts as a “hat press” and keeps the brim flat.

So now you know!


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