Since leaving the Grand Canyon

We have spent a couple of days travelling south, with stop offs for National Historic Monuments showing ancient Puebloan culture. We came off the Colorado Plateau at Sedona which is very touristy and has impressive red rock. We have also seen our first saguaro cacti.

Two important events have happened: we are now both 58 with Margo’s birthday today, and our 1993 Acura passed through 200,000km and was rewarded with new windscreen wiper blades (Margo got a Starbucks latte and cake).

Montezuma Castle (Misnamed because this was built by Sinauga farmers not Aztecs, who never came this far north)


A butte at Sedona (edge of Colorado Plateau)

One response to “Since leaving the Grand Canyon

  1. Hi Chris and Margo

    sounds like another fascinating trip. Happy Birthday Margo – it was also Anna birthday on the same day, and among her gifts was an orienteering compass, so you may yet see her stumbling through the same woods as you!

    Thanks also for keeping up your blog. I am more than a little jealous, but I can travel a bit vicariously through you!

    Dave Reed

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