Plan A

On this trip, we have always had a Plan A to serve as a guide. From this base, we discuss possible changes. Often the changes come unexpectedly but sometimes they arise from finding the proposed route ahead to be unsatisfactory.

Below in blue is our proposed route into Europe. It gets us to Avignon from where we plan to take a train to Paris and fly home. We’ve checked that it is reasonably safe according to the official Canada Travel Warnings. We haven’t checked mountain weather, but we’ve calculated we’ll be home in early December if we do it all, assuming we travel as fast as previously. If we travel slower, we can drop one or both of Corsica and Sardinia, use more boats along the Turkish Coast, take a bus, or cross from Turkey to Greece by boat and follow the green route to Macedonia. In the unlikely event we’re faster, we can cycle to Paris or go home earlier.

We might use the yellow route to avoid Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro.

Comments welcome!


6 responses to “Plan A

  1. The Cinque Terre National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the Ligurian Sea (upper West coast of Italy), is one of our favourite places, if you can cut across Italy below your proposed route.

  2. Thanks…now the route (see map) has moved to include your suggestion… makes for a better ride also!
    In addition, while on the topic of UNESCO World Heritage sites, we are thinking of changing our route to visit two in Albania… see our new map:

    (do not take seriously the Edirne side route on that map…Google maps has a problem)

  3. You two seem tired of post-communist nonsense. Consequently, I would suggest you might want to limit your Balkan touring. Also, you were in the area on your Danube trip. My two cents worth.

  4. I love Croatia. Pascal and I flew into Split, and worked our way north through Zadar, Plitvice Lakes (well worth a visit, possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been), a little place west of Rijeka. A lot of it is becoming more tourist oriented, esp. Zadar and Split, but there's still a lot of the old style. Don't know how the cycling would be though…

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