Beginnings and Endings

Neither of us has travelled for an extended period like this before. We are still connected to family and home community, and while we have been on the road an untoward number of lives have ended. I’ve mentioned two in this blog, but there have been four more passings in my extended family, one in Toronto, three in Britain, since the last such mention here. However, this blog was never meant to be an obituary column.

We have just had the wonderful news of a beginning! Our first great nephew, Edward David J.G., has just arrived safely in Victoria, the son of my nephew Stephen and his wife Margaret. He has far more hair than any of our three great nieces ever had!

Our son John, who lives in Victoria, has promised to be involved as a babysitter when the new lad is a little older. Margaret and Stephen should be forewarned, however, that John has also promised to be a calculated bad influence, and teach the lad every swear word and fart joke he knows.

Congratulations Margaret and Stephen! I will start sewing when I get home. But please be careful who you get to babysit!


3 responses to “Beginnings and Endings

  1. another new beginning here! i gave birth to a little new Momentum munchkin on August 18th.

    Baby girl “Itziar Lo Si Yeean Castellan” 7 lbs 10 oz.

    happy continuous travels.
    tania, gwendal and baby itziar

  2. Hi Tania and Gwendal,

    Congratulations on the birth or your daughter, Itziar!
    Am I right that it's a Basque name? I had a Spanish teacher called Itziar.

    Thank you for letting us know. News from the home and community front helps us feel rooted. We'd love to meet the new little one when we get back, but suspect she and her tired parents may not yet be up to Momentum launch parties yet.

    Here's hoping you are all settling into a comfortable routine and starting to get a little sleep.

    Best wishes,

    Margo & Chris

  3. that's hilarious, yes, Itziar is a basque name….she was actaully named after you're spanish teacher who was the only other Itziar we knew. on a side note, Itziar “elder” just had a baby named Naia in April.

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