This innovative if not very aesthetic solution to building a bus stop caught my eye in Sheki. The local men definitely appreciate it! Leaving just enough of the sides so you can see the location of the old bus windows is an added touch.


2 responses to “Recycling

  1. Yay, another bus shelter photo! (I'm a big fan of photo themes.)

  2. Hi Michele,
    Please could you send me/us an an email directly so we have your new email address again? I tried to contact you, but I guess I still have your old address.

    Glad you've had fun catching up. We see your last post was in August. Where are you now?

    I notice you went through Norris Point, Nfld. My niece and her partner are are Drs. there, when they're not being Drs. in Namibia. Also, if you'd been there one year earlier, you'd have met my cycling nephew, Daniel, who pedalled there from Montreal to see his sister. He started a blog called “Moose Wanderings”, because of all the moose in Nfld, as he prepared for his trip. (link at side of our blog.)

    Chris has been taking pics for another theme post: miniature Greek Orthodox churches, like little shrines, which are along the roads here.


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