Classic view of men in Murghab – sadly not much work for men here.

We had a quiet day chatting to Andrea, and later to Hartwig – her erstwhile cycling partner – who had stayed at a different homestay till they resolved a few differences. We saw Andrea off the second morning. Murghab is only at 3,650 m, yet I was barely able to walk uphill from the bazaar. This helped me to the conclusion that there was more wrong with me than effects of altitude and recent exertion; I had a sinus infection and earache, so I started taking Amoxicillin and took long naps both days.

Bazaar in Murghab – each shack is a “shop”. The older ones are made from the frames of trucks abandoned by the 201st Motorised Rifle Division, once the main employer in town. Newer ones are shipping containers (an American invention) from China.

Several futile hours spent in the META office each day produced no internet connection. Also, by leaving the cell phone and computer charging overnight, we had blown both chargers. An even flow of standard electrical current is not something to take for granted here.


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