2009/05/19–20: Grief
We spent two days in Karakol. As we arrived, we had realized we had lost two key pieces of clothing: Chris’s soft shell cycling jacket and my windproof tights. We viewed this rash of absent-mindedness as a sign that we were overtired and needed more down time.

On the first morning there we received an email that my cousin in Manitoba, Tessa, had died. This was not unexpected, as she had liver cancer. Although she was six years younger than me, we had fun together as kids and had much in common. We wrote to each other a lot in the early days of email, when we both had young kids, and again lately. We had good correspondence since Chris and I started on this trip. She was remarkably insightful and matter of fact about her coming death. I knew when her emails stopped that she would soon be gone. She was reading this blog, and responding to it in her emails to me. I would have her in mind as my “audience” as I wrote. I miss her.

We got a new cell phone card and did errands to replace lost clothing as best we could. Chris has a knock-off Adidas windbreaker that gives him a Serbian mafioso look. We chatted with 66 year old Vera of the German group – a great traveller. The next morning we cleaned our drive trains and went to the small museum.

There is a wooden orthodox church near our gastinitska, in the Russian part of town. It was used as a stable during the Soviet years.


Russian Orthodox church or horse stable?

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