Bus Shelters

Since leaving China, where the concept of bus shelters does not seem to exist, we have been entertained by a variety of bus shelters dating from the Soviet era. We have even used one to shelter from the rain. Here I show a variety, to give you a flavour of these architectural wonders that display artistic expression not seen in many other Soviet construction projects.


The standard model, this one is in an average state of repair

Wow what a design, what was the architect smoking?

Was the architect trying to be culturally uplifting?

Was this use in the engineering specification?

A practical design for a windy area… and local nomads can feel at home

2 responses to “Bus Shelters

  1. Love the series of bus shelter photos!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post… I have added one more picture to this blog post… of a new variant we have come across.

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