Steri-Strips as part of a First Aid Kit

We connected with Leon again here in Urumqi. Having used a Steri-Strip or two to close the wound on his forehead about two weeks ago, I was pleased to see the wound now quite tidily healed.

LeonBefore (1)
Before …and two weeks later

I refer here to those tiny strips used instead of sutures or “stitches” for bringing the edges of a gaping wound together. In Canada, they are available in the the pharmacy alongside the Band-Aids, gauze, and blister dressings. They weigh nearly nothing, and you don’t need any special skill to use them. Most importantly, you don’t need to go to a clinic in a place where you cannot communicate well, and where you are uncertain if suture material or needles used to inject local anaesthetic are sterile.

I like things that effectively do what they were designed to do. Like the plug we once wrote for Schwalbe tires: Don’t leave home without them!


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