41 New Photos Uploaded

We’ve added several new sets to the collection reached via the “Asia 2009” link under “Trip Photos” at the right of this blog. This batch dates from when we first entered Sichuan Province.

Note that we are unable to do any serious editing on our tiny computer, and cannot even view them too well on its screen. They tell our story but the photo quality is nothing fancy.

We’ve added the following sets: Chengdu & Sanxingdui, Pandas, Sichuan, and Shaanxi.
Our favourite video is baby pandas’ bottle feeding time.

We’ve also added links to the photos from the Off-Bike Days in Chengdu post.

2 responses to “41 New Photos Uploaded

  1. Video is amazing. Pandamonium?-p

  2. Your encounters remind me of CISV to which Josh and Nisha belonged. They promote peace and understanding which is one of the things you are doing by travelling through these little towns and villages on your bikes and making contact with the locals. Lovely pics of you boith with your Spring hair cuts. Spring is finally here in Vancouver-it’s cold but sunny. Margo all the past games of charades, singing and Scottish dancing will serve you well in your attempts to demonsrate waht it is you need and want. I’d love top be a fly on the wall!

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