Haircuts in Fengxian

2009/03/20: Fengxian
Today we got our hair cut at the local up-market hairdresser, having been shown there by the security guard of the hotel. Very much like in Canada, the lady cut my hair (and beard) and the fellow cut Margo’s hair. Of course lots of photos were taken of the process by the other hairdressers.


As Dong had told us, we are starting to move into a Muslim area, which was evident when we went looking for places to eat lunch. This is one of the joys of China, it is a mosaic of cultures and culinary tastes. All the ethnic communities are so intertwined it is difficult to imagine China falling apart like most Empires. It seems multiculturalism is alive and well in China.


2 responses to “Haircuts in Fengxian

  1. You guys definitely need some time off. Feng Xian looks really interesting. Is it shown a Cheng Xian on your blog map?I guess the Moslem influence increases as you go west toward the Stans.So you got fairly close, but passed on Xian because it’s too touristy? That’s really sticking to your principles!

  2. We went to Xi’an when we were in China 10 years ago. No need to go again. M

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