Resting in Danba

2009/03/07: In Danba
We’d been riding for five days, so we took a day off in Danba. In the afternoon we watched a colourful Tibetan dance performance in the town square. Some of the onlookers’ clothing was as interesting or more so than the dancers’ costumes. Traditional dress here isn’t just for performances and special occasions.

IMG_5884 (2)
IMG_5902 (2)

We had dinner with Brits Hannah and Ian, and it was a relaxing novelty to converse easily in English. They’d altered their travel plans due to the closure of areas to foreigners, but planned to take a bus north to Barkam in the morning, an option approved by the local PSB. We hoped we might meet them there, as that was where we were also heading, only a little more slowly.


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