Resting after 3,000 km

2009/02/27: Xixhang 69 km
2009/02/28: In Xixhang

We’ve put up a few more photos. We realized we’d missed the photos from the most spectacular day in Yunnan – the day of a high pass and steep terracing – so these have now been added to the Yunnan set. We’ve also put up a set from our visit to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden in southern Yunnan. All sets for this trip are now gathered into a collection reached from the “Asia 2009″ link (Note: no longer there. See Images instead. ) at the right of the blog.

But for a very few exceptions, Chris is the photographer. As the stronger cyclist, he has more time to stop, and he also has a keen eye. Note that we are unable to do any serious editing on our tiny computer, and cannot even view them too well on its screen. They tell our story but the photo quality is nothing fancy.

We’ve ridden for seven days since Chu Xiong, and are taking two days off here in Xi Chang. We need our down time, and have decided that nesting in a better hotel that has Internet access is what we need periodically. We’re pretty tired, but it’s manageable tiredness. I get stiff when we stop, and Chris has a saddle issue, but we are beginning to believe we may actually make it to the Mediterranean and even smell the roses as we go.


3 responses to “Resting after 3,000 km

  1. Margot and Chris, I wish to let you know that as of Feb 18th, China has declared the Tibetan borders closed to foreigners, because of the upcoming anniversary of the Tibetan uprising, on March 10th. They have also posted the closure of certain areas of Sichuan and Qinghai, but were not definite on where these areas were located. I would assume that they are in areas of ethnic Tibetans or close to the borders. I will update you if I receive more information.Trisha Beaty

  2. Thank you for the very useful info, Trisha. We are actually in Tibetan prefecture of Sichuan now,and will reroute if necessary.And we have been very good about our malaria tablets, which we are still taking. Margo

  3. HI Margo and Chris, I see that Trisha has posted the info about the border and road closures and we will keep watching for mor info for you. The Yi hat reminds me of those big hats that the Chassidim wear . those are made of fur. I have put you on my skype list so once you have accepted me we’ll be able to chat. Margo you look marvellous in that recent photo with the children.(March 5th posting)

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