24 Photo Sets on Flickr

We have uploaded Flickr sets for Thailand, Laos, and Yunnan. These can be reached via links at the right of the blog.

But for a very few exceptions, Chris is the photographer. As the stronger cyclist, he has more time to stop, and he also has a keen eye. Note that we are unable to do any serious editing on our tiny computer, and cannot even view them too well on its screen. They tell our story but the photo quality is nothing fancy.

Very briefly, we are in Sichuan in an industrual town called Panzhihua, and ready to move on. We are in a grotty but expensive hotel that claims to have internet in the room, but the net nanny is so draconian that we cannot add photos to our blog posts and things are very slow. Also, we didn’t have the energy to write much last night.

Yesterday, the ripped up gravel road took us down a hair-raising 1,100 m into an industrial town from which we would have had to climb the same height on loose gravel in 38 Celsius. We took the train here last night, hoping for better northward route options. We have also found there is a hotspring nearby, and may go to take a day off there.

Posts on the Yi area of Yunnan and our first days in Sichuan to come soon.


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