The New Road

2009/02/15: Moshao 90 km
We are on a road that was never a main road. It will be at least three more days till we return to a more travelled route. We look forward to the next three days.


It feels as if we have stepped into another world, and it feels as if few of our kind have been here. The scenery is spectacular with steep terracing above us and below us, a smooth mountain road rising to 2,050 m in the first 50 km and dropping spectacularly to 600 m in the next 40 km. The various minority people are welcoming and friendly, and we stopped for a lunch that turned into language lessons as a thirteen year old brought out his English schoolwork, and his father wrote characters for me. Our payment for lunch was refused, but Chris purchased the men a bottle of baijiu (strong booze with which they had plied Chris) which was well received.


After lunch, we carried on to the pass and exhilarating descent through various traditional types of land use.

One theory we have is that this man is collecting mulberry leaves to supply a nearby silkworm farm. Botanical closeup provided upon request to investigative types.


2 responses to “The New Road

  1. Hi Chris, Hi Margo,Wow, what a trip!I’m so envious of all the incredible photo opportunities you see each day you’re on the road; the terraced fields on the hillsides and the wonderful faces of the local people. It’s great to read you tales…. Please keep them coming.

  2. You are correct we see many things worth photographing. Sadly my photographic abilities are limited, and weight budget means we only have a simple range finder camera. Also our language abilities are limited so we only have a very limited set of pictures of people… We have seen so many people, especially women, in traditional costume but getting permission for that photo shot is not possible! Chris

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