2009/01/16: Sightseeing on rented bikes ~5 km
Today we got up late, got our money’s worth at the hotel’s buffet breakfast, and went out to mail a Vancouver postcard as thank you to the school. In the afternoon we did the tourist thing and visited Sukhothai Historical Park. We rented Thai “Crocodile” bikes and went gently around the 70 sq km park. So we cycled a few km, but the bikes were very difficult to ride because they were very different to our Surlys. The park was a very impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Unfortunately Margo’s stomach is not agreeing with her so tomorrow may also be a rest day.


One response to “Sukhothai

  1. Hello, O’Tags, I continue to enviously enjoy your blog. You are already proving that cycling the back roads is paying off with face time that even a hitchhiker might not enjoy! Hope that Margo’s tum sorts itself. I am off to Sunshine for a half-day of skiing – though no fresh pow today. Suzanne P

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