A Regular Day

2009/01/12: Kao Lieo Resort 88 km
We left our humble bungalow hotel at dawn, cycling out on a pleasant road while the sun rose. Unfortunately the middle of the day’s ride included about 20 km on Highway 1, a 6 lane road which luckily had a full width lane just for us alongside the normal 3 lanes. Getting off this road onto small side roads was a relief, and we found a pleasant roadside café for lunch. Then we had siesta in a bus shelter.


A few km into our post-siesta ride, we happened upon a beautiful but deserted resort, complete with fantastic birds, where we stayed a peaceful night.



One response to “A Regular Day

  1. Whew! After some brain-cramps thinking this was a fruit-loop bird, we finally figured it is a great hornbill and, thanks to Wikipedia, you may be assured that tame hornbills apparently like having their casques scratched. Rather you than me. Have fun.

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