Notes on Tires

Our experiences with punctures, based on four tires on two bicycles:

Cuba, January 2006:
1800 km, Schwalbe (Marathon and Marathon Plus) tires,
no flats.

Castlegar to Vancouver, August 2006:
800 km, Schwalbe tires,
no flats.

Spain, May 2007:
1500 km, Schwalbe tires,
no flats.

Total distance on Schwalbe tires approaching 10,000 km, and
NO flats.

Eastern Europe, September-October 2007:
1500 km, NOT Schwalbe tires, but mid-range tires that came with the bikes,
FIVE flats.

We love our new Surly touring bikes, but we should have upgraded the tires before we left. One flat per 300 km is just not worth saving a few $$$.

The roads of Eastern Europe are not that different than those on other parts of the world. All our punctures have been in the centre of the tire tread, not in the sidewall, and it is the tread or bead where Schwalbe puts the Kevlar. With this much empirical evidence, why would anyone start on a trip without Schwalbe tires? We never will again!
Don’t leave home without them!

And no, we were not paid by Schwalbe to write this.


One response to “Notes on Tires

  1. Mind you, I got a flat in my Schwalbe in Madrid in Spain. Of course, it was caused by a very large piece of glass. Beyond the call of duty, really. Thankfully, it was what was likely to have been the last bit riding anyway.

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