Last Day at Home

Our plan is to cycle across Eastern Europe for three weeks between two of Chris’s meetings in Geneva. We’ll take the train to Vienna, cross Southwestern Hungary, and join the Danube in Croatia. Then we’ll follow it as far as the Black Sea, if we can.

Today we finished boxing the bikes and got our luggage ready. Try doing that when you are allowed a bike box and only one bag (<22Kg), and you are going for 3 weeks of cycling and 2 weeks of meetings!

Our new bikes: “Surly Long Haul Truckers”, are much easier to box than the Devincis, the wheels are smaller i.e. mountain bike sized. The brakes release easily with a button on the handlebar lever, and –better still– the front brake cable can be removed from the hanger, which you allows you to easily move the handlebars to the best position for packing without putting any kinks in the cable. Each bike becomes a compact unit held together by cable ties, and this goes into a double thickness box which provides two layers of cardboard protection against airport luggage handling. Our method (ahem…..which is ours) is to have slightly smaller bike boxes inside larger ones. This is an effective set-up, but it involves some considerable scrounging from our very patient and cooperative bike store.


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